Compare Electric Bikes

Range without Pedal Assist Up to 30 Miles / 65 Miles (Dual Battery) Up to 30 Miles / 65 Miles (Dual Battery) Up to 28 Miles Up to 22 Miles
Range with Pedal Assist Up to 55 miles / 120 miles (Dual Battery) Up to 55 miles / 120 miles (Dual Battery) Up to 40 miles Up to 30 Miles
Motor Power 750 W 750 W 750 W 500 W
Motor Peak Power 900 W 900 W 900 W 700 W
Maximum Speed 25 mph 25 mph 26 mph 22 mph
Dimensions (LxWxH) 76” x 28” x 50” 76” x 28” x 50” 76” x 28” x 42.5” 72.5” x 31” x 48”
Foldable Yes No No No
Best Use Best for On and Off-Road Adventures Best for On and Off-Road Adventures Best for On and Off-Road Adventures Best for Lightweight On-Road Travel


*Please note that some of our bikes have the Dual Battery option.


GOBIKE JUNTOS Foldable Step-Through E-Bike 

Introducing the GOBIKE JUNTOS – a foldable, step-through e-bike designed to foster shared adventures. With its 750W rear hub motor and dual-passenger capacity, the JUNTOS is your ideal partner for urban explorations and leisurely rides with friends. Crafted to accommodate one or two adult riders, this e-bike effortlessly transports you and your companion up to 120 miles. Its stylish design, 7-speed gearing, and 20” x 4” Kenda off-road tires make every journey together an experience worth cherishing. Enhance your shared moments with the JUNTOS and redefine togetherness.

GOBIKE JUNTOS Step-Through Lightweight E-Bike 

Introducing the GOBIKE JUNTOS – your gateway to shared experiences. Designed for urban and off-road adventurers seeking to explore together, this foldable, step-through e-bike redefines companionship on the move. Its 750W rear hub motor and dual-passenger capacity make it an ideal choice for leisurely city rides or scenic explorations. With the optional 17.4Ah secondary battery, extend your journey up to 120 miles. Let the Shimano Altus derailleur, 7-speed gearing, and thoughtful features like front and rear fenders and a cargo rack enhance your journeys. Choose the JUNTOS to unite in exploration and redefine togetherness.

GOBIKE SOLDADO Lightweight Dual-Passenger E-Bike

Meet the GOBIKE SOLDADO, your ultimate off-road companion. With its robust 750W rear hub motor and rugged design, this dual-passenger e-bike is built to thrive in challenging terrains. The SOLDADO beckons adventure enthusiasts to explore the great outdoors in pairs, delivering power and performance on every path. Equipped with the Shimano Altus derailleur, 7-speed gearing, and 20” x 4” Kenda off-road fat tires, it’s ready for every escapade. Choose the SOLDADO to embark on off-road journeys that create unforgettable shared memories. 

GOBIKE ROBUSTO Electric Mountain Bike

Elevate your mountain riding with the GOBIKE ROBUSTO – your ticket to thrilling adventures. Boasting a 750W rear hub motor and full front and rear suspension, this e-mountain bike delivers a potent blend of power and control. Its high-grade aluminum frame is engineered for durability and maneuverability. With the Shimano Altus derailleur, 7-speed gearing, and 26” x 3” tires, the ROBUSTO conquers varied terrains while providing stability and grip. Immerse yourself in mountain exploration with the ROBUSTO and redefine your limits. 

GOBIKE SOLEIL Electric City Bike

Discover urban freedom with the GOBIKE SOLEIL – your ideal companion for city life. Light, foldable, and agile, this e-bike is tailored for urban commutes and short trips. With its 500W motor and 7-speed Shimano gearing, the SOLEIL transforms city streets into your personal playground. Effortlessly weave through traffic and make use of the rear disc brake for responsive stops. Navigate your cityscape with style and ease, making the most of your urban journey with the SOLEIL. 

GOBIKE FUTURO Foldable Lightweight E-Bike 

Discover the GOBIKE FUTURO, a remarkable foldable lightweight e-bike designed to empower your mobility. With a potent 350W motor, it effortlessly covers up to 40 miles with pedal assist, ensuring you navigate your cityscape efficiently. The FUTURO's aluminum alloy frame promises durability while its foldable design fits into various storage spaces, from compact apartments to tightly packed garages. Tailored for the urban explorer, the FUTURO's all-terrain tires and responsive features make every journey seamless and exciting. Choose the FUTURO to embrace the freedom of urban exploration and redefine your daily commutes.

Official ACFC Licensed FUTURO Foldable Lightweight Electric Bike 

Introducing the official ACFC Licensed GOBIKE FUTURO, a cutting-edge foldable lightweight e-bike that brings an extra layer of prestige to your urban adventures. This variant stands out with its exclusive ACFC licensing, embodying quality and authenticity. With a dynamic 350W motor, the ACFC Licensed FUTURO effortlessly covers up to 40 miles with pedal assist, ensuring you can explore your cityscape with ease. Crafted with a robust aluminum alloy frame, this bike strikes the perfect balance between durability and agility. Its foldable design fits effortlessly into tight spaces, making it an ideal companion for urban dwellers. The ACFC Licensed FUTURO, equipped with all-terrain tires and responsive features, offers the perfect blend of style and performance, allowing you to navigate your urban terrain in style. Choose this variant to enjoy a premium experience that represents both authenticity and excellence.