Dear Angel City Supporter,

On behalf of Angel City Football Club and COMFYGO, Inc, thank you for visiting this page and the information described herein.COMFYGO, INC is the holding company of GOBIKE and COMFYGO MOBILITY.  COMFYGO, Inc began its operation in 2017 under the trading name COMFYGO MOBILITY as a designer and wholesaler of electric wheelchairs and scooters.  The mission was to enable individuals to become mobile from their permanent or temporary disabilities.  In a short time, COMFYGO MOBILITY became a leading supplier of these products throughout North America.  In 2021, COMFYGO MOBILITY expanded its operations and opened a warehouse and distribution center in Amsterdam, Holland.  This location was selected because of its friendly business climate and great shipping ports, which gave us access to Europe.
GOBIKE was launched in January 2022 as a division of COMFYGO, Inc.  GOBIKE is an electric bike (E-Bike) designer, wholesaler, and retailer.  The mission of GOBIKE is to provide a convenient, fun, efficient, environmentally conscious, and cost-effective mode of transportation while also benefiting from exercise.  This contrasts with the many difficulties in operating a motor vehicle.  These difficulties include the fuel and maintenance expenses, parking difficulties in congested cities, and the lack of enjoyment and exercise when driving a motor vehicle compared to the fresh air alternative of an e-bike.   COMFYGO takes great pride in the many thousands of clients we have assisted in alleviating their mobility restrictions.  We also take satisfaction in knowing that we create functional quality products and fun while meeting the goals of their intended purpose.  We are a privately held corporation, and that enables us to produce products that meet our customers’ demands quickly without bureaucratic delays. COMFYGO shares in ACFC’s mission, values, and practice of fairness.   That is why we aligned ourselves with ACFC as an official team sponsor.