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How to Maintain Your Electric Bike

by admin 06 Nov 2022 0 Comments

With the purchase price of standard bikes and e-bikes increasing year after year, extending the life of your bike through periodic maintenance should be top priority. For standard bikes, maintenance is pretty straight forward – check the chain, check the brake pads, check the frame for cracks, inflate the tires, etc. However, an e-bike requires a deeper dive into its care as a result of the motorized components.

Here, we cover what you may need to know about e-bike maintenance, from regular daily checks to general periodic care. Read on to find out more now:
Keep your bike shiny and clean
A clean bike is a happy bike, whether electric or not. One of the first tips in any electric biking maintenance book is ensuring your bike is dirt-free and kept in a safe, dry place when not in use. Even without electronics, the average bike can suffer damage and degradation if left dirty for too long.
Ensure you're using the correct lube and grease
Bike techs suggest the best way to keep mountain e-bikes, city e-bikes, and e-tricycles performing at peak performance is to combat component friction by applying the right lubrication products. Any moving part on your bike generates friction over time, which can cause damage and the eventual wearing-out of components. Reducing that friction with lube or grease can help keep everything moving smoothly and less prone to failure.
Invest in a bike maintenance kit
For daily care, an e-bike maintenance kit is a perfect addition for fixing problems on the go. These small kits can be easily strapped to your bike to resolve punctures or friction noise before things really deteriorate.  Having the right repair kit to react to immediate problems is critically important.
Keep an eye on your bike tires
No doubt a puncture to your tire would need an immediate fix. As a proactive approach to tire maintenance, one should keep an eye on the tire’s tread and wear. As electric bikes make it easier to go further, wear and tear on tire tread can happen pretty quickly. This applies to a two-wheeled e-bike or a three wheeled e-tricycle.. Keeping track of how thin your tread is a proactive method in preventing slippage or punctures.

Charge and store your batteries inside your home
Most e-bikes utilize lithium-ion batteries for power. These powercells, though, are susceptible to damage from extreme temperature changes and frequent charging cycles. However, with careful battery management, one could extend the life of the battery. Start with charging the battery in full cycles, empty to full. Frequent charging of a partially drained battery may cause it to no longer charge to it’s full capacity over a shorter period of time. Controlling the charging environment is also critical in battery maintenance. Don’t let the battery charge in direct sunlight or near a direct heat source. Heat will degrade the battery’s charging capacity.

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