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How to Maintain Your Electric Bike Battery

by Cihad Özkurt 05 Mar 2023 0 Comments

Battery longevity is greatly impacted by the way the battery is used and the conditions your electric bike is exposed to. Usage patterns and exposure to extreme temperatures can impact e-bike battery health. Understanding these factors and taking steps to mitigate their impact can help extend the life of your battery. While e-bike lithium-ion batteries tend to have a long lifespan, all battery types lose their ability to retain a maximum charge over time. For optimal functioning on your electric bike, consider these key factors which could help prolong the life of your electric bike battery.


What are the factors that shorten electric bike battery life?

Intense usage. Storing your e-bike at ambient temperatures above 86°F. Leaving your e-bike in a depleted battery state for prolonged periods. Parking your e-bike directly in sunlight for extended periods.


What are the factors that prolong electric battery life?

Limiting the load on the e-bike. Storing your e-bike at an optimal temperature (between 10°C to 20°C). Storing your e-bike with a battery charge between 30% and 60%.


Cleaning your electric bike

Before cleaning your electric bike, you should remove the battery. Try to avoid allowing electrical components to come into contact with water, and do not under any circumstances spray water directly onto the battery or other electronic components. While it can be good practice to lightly clean and lubricate the battery plug pins on your electric bike, you should do so with care and attention.


Storing your electric bike in winter

During winter months, you should store your electric bike battery at an ambient temperature. You should also avoid storing your bike when the battery is entirely depleted, as this could cause it to lose more of its charging ability. If possible, store your electric bike in a heated area of the home when it is not in use. If you do not have indoor space to store your entire e-bike, be certain to remove the battery and store this inside.


Use the provided charger

Don’t be tempted to use third-party charging devices. Always make sure to use the charger that was supplied with your electric bike. In addition to causing damage to your e-bike battery, third-party chargers could also risk causing a fire if they are not designed to be compatible with your battery type.



If you are transporting your electric bike using another vehicle (for example, on a bike rack connected to your car), you should always ensure that you remove the battery from your e-bike. Shocks, bumps, and general wear-and-tear from your bike being jostled on the rack as you drive could impact the longevity of the device.


e-bike battery maintenance

You may be able to check the condition of your e-bike battery with a diagnostic device. If the battery appears to have reached the end of its lifespan, you may be able to replace it. Alternatively, you may feel that it is time for an If that’s the case, why not check out our selection of products?
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