GOBIKE Helmet With Safety Warning Light


The GOBIKE helmet with the safety warning light is a vital, strong, comfortable, and necessary accessory for anyone that rides an e-bike.

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The GOBIKE helmet with the safety warning light is a vital, strong, comfortable, and necessary accessory for anyone that rides an e-bike.  Our helmet is manufactured with a strong Polycarbonate exterior shell (PC) and Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) interior shock absorbing material.   The EPS foam is the choice for most bike helmets because it is lightweight, durable, and provides ample ventilation.  Upon impact, the EPS is intended to compress and spread to reduce the force passed onto the skull, thus reducing the linear acceleration of the brain.  The GOBIKE helmet consists of multiple air ventilation airways, front and rear LED lamps with various flashing warning choices, a USB connection to charge the warning lights on the GOBIKE helmet, and a head circumference adjuster to get the perfect fit!

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Weight 1.5 lbs
Dimensions 8.5 × 6.5 × 11 in

Medium, Large

Product Features


Only the best materials will do. We’ve selected a high grade aluminum alloy for our bike frames which reduces their overall weight without sacrificing strength and toughness. We’ve also polished key welds on our bikes for added strength and enhanced style.


The backlit LCD display plays an important role for our bikes. Here, you will find your speed, power assist (PAS) level, battery level, and odometer. This multifunctional display is weather resistant and built to last.


The front and rear mechanical disc brakes provide excellent stopping power which is especially important because of the added weight and speed of an e-bike. You’ll feel the grip of our braking system every time you stop your e-bike.


We’ve designed our bikes to get you to your destination, no matter how difficult it is. The Shimano 7-speed shifter delivers smooth and reliable shifting performance that allows you to traverse all kinds of terrain. Choose the right gear then add pedal assist and you will blast your way up even the steepest hills.


Our bikes are light and strong because of our use of high grade aluminum alloy. The FUTURO weighs in at just 48 pounds and carries up to 286 pounds.


Batteries are the lifeblood of any electric bike. Therefore, all of our e-bikes are equipped with long lasting, lithium-ion batteries that enhance your riding experience. Our batteries are made for distance and reliability. Charging your battery is a breeze. You can easily charge the battery while it’s in the bike or you can charge it independently. Our batteries will fully charge within 4-6 hours making sure you get back out there on your new adventure.


The motor is the driving force! We’ve carefully paired the power of our lithium-ion batteries with the high-quality, brushless motors. The FUTURO is equipped with a 350 watt rear hub motor that perfectly compliments it’s size and weight which will deliver an amazing amount power when you need it.


We’ve got you covered! GOBIKE products are rigorously tested to exceed industry standards. Feel confident with a warranty that provides 3-years of coverage on our frames, 1-year of coverage on small parts and electronics, and 6-months on the lithium-ion battery.


Tired of carrying the weight? Let the FUTURO do it for you. The rear rack on this e-bike can carry your gym bags, backpacks, book bags, and more. Just strap your bag down on the rear rack and ride on to your destination. The versatility of this bike is simply amazing!


In a hurry? Engage the power. Our lightweight, foldable FUTURO can reach speeds of up to 20 mph. Put your helmet on and hold on tight because these bikes are fast.

Because Of YOU

Our mission is to design and deliver customizable e-bikes that promote an active lifestyle, provide freedom of mobility, and are fun to ride all while maintaining an environmentally friendly footprint.

GOBIKE is planting 10 trees for every bike you order. 


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